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Welcome athletes and parents to the 2024 season.

We are looking forward to some exciting track and field fun and competition this year!

Practices are Tuesday and Thursday 5-6:30 pm with our first practice on Tues April 9th and second practice on Thur April 11.


Athletes born in 2015 and older are eligible to register and compete in meets.  Junior Development(JD's) is 9-13,

competing against same-age athletes and athletes who are 14 years and older will compete in various senior categories.


To register, you will need to complete both a BCA Registration and a Club Registration.


Registration will be available during the first two weeks of practices- April 9, 11, 16, and 18 (after these dates contact to complete registration).  You can pay your fees through e-transfer to $60 for BCA membership. $100 for club membership with a second child discount of $20. You will also need to submit a $50 volunteer cheque per family. (returned when parents complete 10 hours of volunteer work)

Club Registration
BCA Registration
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